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Payment Solutions Partners

Paypal - Payment Gateway Partner

Matamko's merchants integrate PayPal as their payment option to increase their sales, expand globally, attract more buyers, and keep their business secure. PayPal is a global leader in online payments with a total payment volume of US$71 billion in 2009 - approximately 15% of global ecommerce and 16.5% of US ecommerce. will be working with Paypal to offer incentives to merchants who uses Matamko's plug-in. More exciting news will be announced soon.

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Sign up to enjoy benefits: Increase Your Sales
  1. Businesses get an average sales increase of 14% when they add PayPal
  2. Receive payments from more than 81 million active accounts worldwide
  3. 57% of online shoppers who purchased from a small/medium-sized business would not have done so if PayPal had not been a payment option
Expand Globally with PayPal
  1. Accept a variety of local payment methods worldwide with one solution
  2. Sell to customers in 190 countries using 24 currencies
  3. Diversify and reduce dependence on local markets
  4. Alleviate seasonal market fluctuations
Attract more buyers with PayPal
  1. 1 in 3 US online shoppers has a PayPal account
  2. Active PayPal buyers in the US use PayPal on average for over 50% of their online spending
  3. In Australia and UK, PayPal is the most preferred payment service on the web 90% of US shoppers who prefer PayPal cite security most often as the reason for their preference
Create a Free PayPal account HERE!

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EnMasse 6.4 Beta is Released!

EnMasse v6.4 Beta has been released. This version will have many improvements on it including a detailed multi-item shopping cart basket list and Google social log in. 

This version will also have a new feature called deal map, where the page will display a predetermined google map location with deals populated on the map, represented by map markers.


New Language Pack Feature for Bazaar.

Today, we are please to announced that Bazaar has a new language pack feature that will allow you to translate the default language of Bazaar, which is English, into your market’s language. So that the users that buy & sell at your market place can do so in their native tongue.

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