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Dear all,

We have confirmed the features of version 1.4. Do note that while we will do our best to fulfill the below, the actual release might have features which differ slightly from the below listed.

  • Maximum quantity per deal
  • Allow a deal to have multiple Location & Category
  • Pop up to prompt users for their Location before viewing deals
  • 1 more new theme with range of colors (designed for currencies that have thousand separators)
  • Images Slideshow for the deal in the deal's detail
  • Side Deal Module will have the ability to control the width, height and style class name.
  • Auto resize of the main image for the deal

Dear customers, we have had quite a fair bit of enquiries on supporting 2Checkout as a payment gateway but after clarifying with, they do not support social buying businesses in processing payments. As such we will not be supporting 2Checkout as a payment gateway.

Also, Matamko will only be supporting payment gateway providers with an international reach targetted at English speaking audience. If you need support with your local payment gateway provider, we can help you for a nominal fee of $300 USD. Do contact us if you need any help on this.

Hi all, yes - En Masse version 1.2.1beta was just released and now we have version 1.3.0beta. But this is not available for download yet. We have a sneak preview for you at (Joomla backend login username is "admin" and password is "test123")

When we say we want to move fast, we do. And the next question on your mind is, "So what's new?"

  • More colour themes (for you to spice up your site)
  • Export deal report in CSV format
  • RSS Feed
  • Supports Bank transfer as an additional payment mode

Note: Not all the features are up yet as we are periodically uploading the latest files as we complete them.

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