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Release Announcement for FB Media Voting App 2.0

Greetings Facebook Media Voting Application (FBMV) fans and followers, today we would like to announce the release of Facebook Media Voting Application 2.0.

Facebook Media Voting Application 2.0 (FBMV) will have a different layout and new easy to use features such as multiple search filters, sharing photos, posting comments, new options for photo editing and many others.

For all inquiries about Facebook Media Voting Application (FBMV) products and services please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



EnMasse 6.4 Beta is Released!

EnMasse v6.4 Beta has been released. This version will have many improvements on it including a detailed multi-item shopping cart basket list and Google social log in. 

This version will also have a new feature called deal map, where the page will display a predetermined google map location with deals populated on the map, represented by map markers.


New Language Pack Feature for Bazaar.

Today, we are please to announced that Bazaar has a new language pack feature that will allow you to translate the default language of Bazaar, which is English, into your market’s language. So that the users that buy & sell at your market place can do so in their native tongue.

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