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Plans for Release of EnMasse 5.0 beta!!!

Greetings, our loyal Enmasse users and followers. We would like to announce the release of Enmasse 5.0 beta scheduled to be release May 15th, 2013

EnMasse 5.0 will havethe following features:

  • New En Masse Theme & Template:
    • To allow better Integration with 1000++ existing Joomla templates in the market place
    • Support Mobile site friendly by auto-browser size detection
    • Choice of a few deal layout
    • More choice in the coloring of the theme
  • Different Language Template
    • Support Right to Left (RTL) language
  • Tier pricing for deals
    • This allows admin to specify the price of the deal base on the amount already sold.
    • Example: A particular deal if 1-10pcs sold, the price is $80 each, 11-20pcs, the price is $90 each, 21 and above, the price is $100
    • Help to motivate customers to purchase deals as early as possible.
  • Time based pricing
    • Allow a deal’s original price to be set at a special price during a certain period of time.
    • Promotional tool for driving sales.
  • SEO friendly URL
    • Name of the component will be removed from URL for SEO and SEF
    • Better search results from search engines for your website
    • Applicable for both Joomla 2.5 and 3.0

These new features were designed with you, our clients in mind.

Please give your feedback and comments on the beta release, so that we could know the areas that we could improve on and better serve our members.

We hope to launch the stable version of it within a month time from beta launch. 

For all inquiries about Enmasse product and services, please feel free to email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


EnMasse 6.4 Beta is Released!

EnMasse v6.4 Beta has been released. This version will have many improvements on it including a detailed multi-item shopping cart basket list and Google social log in. 

This version will also have a new feature called deal map, where the page will display a predetermined google map location with deals populated on the map, represented by map markers.


New Language Pack Feature for Bazaar.

Today, we are please to announced that Bazaar has a new language pack feature that will allow you to translate the default language of Bazaar, which is English, into your market’s language. So that the users that buy & sell at your market place can do so in their native tongue.

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