Release Announcement for Facebook Lucky Draw App 1.1 beta version

Greetings Facebook Lucky Draw Application (FBLD) fans and followers, today we would like to announce Facebook Lucky Draw Application 1.1  will be beta released on Wednesday 24th April 2013.

Facebook Lucky Draw Application 1.1 provide the following changes


·         Timezone

·         Export Excel in IE9

·         Check Like Button


·         New menu tab: Contact us

·         UI Friendly

·         Update the Facebook API to the latest version

These new feature will help user to know how to contact you and make it easier for you to set up Facebook Lucky Draw Application.

Please give your feedback and comments on the beta release, so that we could know the areas that we could improve on and better serve our members.

For all inquiries about Facebook Lucky Draw Application products and services please email us at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


EnMasse 6.4 Beta is Released!

EnMasse v6.4 Beta has been released. This version will have many improvements on it including a detailed multi-item shopping cart basket list and Google social log in. 


This version will also have a new feature called deal map, where the page will display a predetermined google map location with deals populated on the map, represented by map markers. 


This feature is perfect for clients who dont have a lot of time to browse for deals or clients looking for location specific deals. 

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