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Premium Enmasse Subscription

  •   When I purchase En Masse, what do I get? Do I have to re-pay for En Masse every time my subscription package ends?
  • En Masse is sold accompanying a subscription package. This subscription package will have a time limit (i.e.1 month, 3 month, 6 month).

    The time limit for each subscription package will determine the amount of time a client is eligible for tech support regarding En Masse.

    However, the client will be able to keep and use the En Masse product itself for life.

  •   What is the cost for customizing the En Masse template?
    • For template customization without changing the logic of the system, it usually cost approximately $495USD.
    • For customizations that will require logic change and other specified changes, the cost will vary and will depending on the scope of the project and the customization request.
  •   Is there another form of payment besides going through Paypal when I buy subscription plan?
  • Yes there is.

    Customers can either choose to pay via Matamko Paypal account or an international bank transfer.

    For inquires about international bank transfer please contact the sales department at

  •   Does En Masse come in French or Italian or any other languages besides English?
  • At the moment, En Masse only comes in English. But to change En Masse to another language is very easy. We can send you the language files that will allow you to change the language of En Masse.

    Please email us at for a sample of the language pack and instructions on how to change the language of En Masse.

  •   Is it possible for En Masse to run in multi-languages?
  • Yes it is. Depending on what Joomla! version you are using, components like Joomfish or Josetta will allow your En Masse to run in multi-languages. Joomla! 2.5 has internal multi-language features so no components are needed.

  •   Is it possible to post deals on a Facebook account?
  • Yes it is. En Masse 3.0 and up comes with a feature that allows you to post deals on your Facebook account.

  •   I would like to integrate a payment gateway that En Masse does not use right now, is that possible?
  • For customization of payment gateways, please contact the sales department at for further information as not all payment gateways can be integrated with En Masse.

    The standard cost for integrating a payment gateway is $395USD.

  •   What is the process for requesting customization for En Masse
  • Customers who have a valid subscription package can make a request for customization through the sales department at

  •   Once I have bought and installed En Masse, how can I get support for the day to day operations of my online business?
  • The best way to get technical support is to submit a ticket through the ticketing system.

    The ticketing system is not only for tech support but it can also be used for reporting/fixing bugs or just getting general advice how to optimize En Masse products and services.

  •   After completing a customization project, how can I request technical support or bugs fixing?
  • At first, You should have a valid subscription. Then, you can submit a ticket through our ticketing system to request for issue or bugs fixing.

  •   How long does it for a customization project to be completed from beginning to end.
  • Every customization project is different in its own regard. Depending on the scope and difficulty of the customization request, clients requesting customization will be given a timeline and completion date of their project. Customizations projects will being 2-3 days after first payment is received and verified.

  •   Where can I download the Enmasse Mobile User App?
  • You can download the App for both Android and iOS at the following link.


    Mac iOS: