Support available Monday through Friday 9AM to 6PM Singapore timezone.

Pre-Sales Guide

Subscription Guide

What will you receive if you subscribe to Matamko's product plans?


Product - Instant download of our latest product version
Usage Rights - Lifetime usage of the product and you can customize the source code at all means (*Even when your subscription period is over)
Support - Professional and wholehearted support by our team during your subscription period. This includes user manual, ticketing system and many more. Refer to Support Guide below!
Updates - Download the latest version of product that is released every month during your subscription period. It includes newly integrated features and functions that we aim to commit for every month's release.


Note: You will only need to pay the price stated in the subscription package for ONE TIME ONLY and not for every month. Each subscription plan entitles you to only 1 website. If you wish to install En Masse in two websites, you can create another account and purchase the subscription plan. (: We will only provide support to one website per subscription.


After you have successfully made payment for your subscription, please log out and re log-in again to active new subscription.

Extend Subscription Guide

Cheaper Rate if you extend your subscription period with Matamko
You will continue to receive Support and Updates from Matamko
If you do not wish to extend your subscription, you can still have our product usage rights, however you will not be able to download the latest version of the product


Note: In order to extend your subscription at the extended prices, you will need to have a valid subscription with us. If you have any questions about this email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Support Guide

You will receive the following support from Matamko during your subscription period:


Technical Support - Our professional plug-in developers will try their best to resolve any technical issues by all means. We will assign our technicians to look into your specified problems and provide quality service. This support only covers issues within En Masse itself and we will not resolve issues regarding Joomla!
Security Patch and Fix - We will provide support on the new patch and fix when the new version of En Masse is released.
User Manual - Access to our step by step manual on how to use En Masse, how to install integrations and handle your website efficiently
Community Forum -  Access to En Masse support forum where you can post any discussions, suggestions to new features in upcoming versions of En Mass. This is for members to connect and chat about in Matamko products.
Ticketing System - Have your voice heard. You can submit any issues and questions via our ticketing system and we will cater to your issues from here.


Note: You will need to register as our member before you can post in our forums. Our support commitment level is 1 working day.



Please take note that our support strictly does not cover the following:


Customization of source codes
Problems with integration with other third-party software (If you like us to integrate, please post them in our Feature Request section in the forum)
Support for more than 1 domain


We strongly advise you to test the system before you go "live". This has proven to help roll out the system with the right settings smoothly.


Other Services

If you wish to engage us in other services like additional templating, website setups, component developments, you can click here to find out more.

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EnMasse 6.4 Beta is Released!

EnMasse v6.4 Beta has been released. This version will have many improvements on it including a detailed multi-item shopping cart basket list and Google social log in. 

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This version will also have a new feature called deal map, where the page will display a predetermined google map location with deals populated on the map, represented by map markers.


New Language Pack Feature for Bazaar.

Today, we are please to announced that Bazaar has a new language pack feature that will allow you to translate the default language of Bazaar, which is English, into your market’s language. So that the users that buy & sell at your market place can do so in their native tongue.

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