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Does your business or organization post alot of job listings and do you subsequently have tons and tons of CVs/Resumes to go through and vet? Company Vacancy Tool is a Joomla component that allows you to fully automate and facilitate the hiring process of any job listings. Its features allow you to comprehensively manage the whole hiring process from creating the form that you want prospective employees to fill out to posting a job listing to reviewing the CVs/Resume and scheduling interviews, to finally vetting the CVs/Resume’s, eliminating the failed applicants & hiring the perfect candidate.

This is a great tool for any type of business who usually has job vacancies they want to fill.


Direct access to download the latest CVT version.

Lifetime & Customization usage rights.

You will receive the following support from Matamko during your subscription period:


Technical Support - We will try our best to look into your problem and help to resolve it by all means. This support only covers issues within CVT itself and we will not resolve issues regarding Joomla!
Security Patch and Fix - We will provide support on the new patch and fix when the new version of CVT is released.
User Manual - Access to our step by step manual on how to use CVT, how to install integrations and handle your website efficiently.
Community Forum - Access to CVT support forum where you can post any discussions, suggestions to new features in upcoming versions of CVT. This is for members to connect and chat about in Matamko products.
Ticketing System - Have your voice heard. You can submit any issues and questions via our ticketing system and we will cater to your issues from here.
You will be able to download the latest version of CVT that is released every month. It will consist of new integrated features and functions, which you may suggest or request from us.