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Create Category

Create a category to which your question will fall under. Subcategories can be created as well. These categories or subcategories will be visible in the front end and will be displayed in the search box.

Create Questions

This feature allows you to create questions that you think your customers would want to know most. These questions can than be placed under any category or sub category that you have created for better organization. These questions will appear in the front end under the category in which you have place the question.

Create Answers

This feature allows you to add answers to the questions that you have already created.

Import/Export FAQs:

Do you have a lot of FAQs that you want to add but don’t want to do it one by one? With this feature, you can create the FAQs external of the FAQ component then import them all into the system at once. This feature is a time saver.

Administrative Dashboard

The admin dashboard is an easy to use feature. It clearly displays all the options you have for the component. A useful chart is also displayed here that summarizes the total hits you got for each questions.

Module Concept

A category, which contains all the questions and answers in that category, can be placed in a module. Then this module can be placed in an article on the website which will then display the question and answers of that category in the front end.

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