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Do you need to put up a Google Map that shows many branches and stores or their distribution points to the public? On top of that, you will need the user to be able to search for the location that is most suitable for him/her.

Google Map Store Locator is the solution that you are looking for, with the ability for the end-user to search by area, business services, residential addresses and many more types of location.

This component is an excellent choice for users who needs to have a long and complex list of retail stores or distribution points. E.g Banks, Food Chains, Post Offices, Fashion outlets and etc.

We are constantly improving our product – Store Locator. We try to make it be more friendly and more helpful for both admin and end-user. We believe that you will be satisfied when you use our product.

Key Features

  • Google Street View

    Street view images are automatically added to your location. Images are taken straight from the Google’s street view database and will correspond to the longitude and latitude of your location. Street view images will be displayed in your search results.

  • UI Friendly backend

    Zone: More attractive to get Longitude, Latitude and zone rate by adjusting Google map...

  • Get traveling direction

    The traveling direction feature allows users to choose their mode of transport (walking, Bus, Car etc etc) and will display best traveling routes from the users location to the searched location. It will display information like distances, traveling time and exact traveling directions.

  • Search by service, zone and type

    End-users can search by multiple or single item like service, zone and type: Service: Island wide - 1.5 hour...

  • Multiple frontend layouts

    Now we have three frontend layouts. You can choose any layouts you want in the Setting’s tap in the backend...